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w opisie BTB for MEN znalazlem informację, iż w jego składzie obecny jest AndrostAnon. W przeciwieństwie do innych skladników BTB, o tym feromonie nie ma bliższych inforamcji na


Czy ktoś może wie coś więcej o AndrostAnonie?

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Androstanon działa równie silnie jak Androstenon i Androstenol. Działa podobnie do Androstenonu (samiec Alfa), jednak bez efektu agresji.


Jest od niego lżejszy i socjalnie bliżej mu do Androstenolu (zwiększa zaufanie i otwiera ludzi) oraz Androsteronu (respekt ze strony mężczyzn).


BTB to jedyny produkt zawierający AndrostAnon.

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Czy ktoś może wie coś więcej o AndrostAnonie?

Pozwolę sobie przytoczyć kilka postów z zagranicznego forum:


I haven't tried a new product for a long time but got curious and decided to give (chemset) androstanone a trial run. I'm a college professor have contact with dozens of faculty and 60 or 70 students daily. After several forays of this wolf into sheepland I can say androstanone consistently knocked my socks off. No coeds going commando and tossing panties at me. And no alpha wantabe chest pounding. Instead, androstanone seems to help invoke extreme social responses: over the top friendliness, motor mouth and sharing of intimate secrets. In other words, it is nothing like androstenone products like TE and NPA. It is more akin to SOE responses but more intense.


With all that said, I still needed to initate conversation, smile and be friendly, otherwise nothing happens. Once initated, my poor sheep quickly opened up and slipped into overdrive. Young female faculty and students that hardly said a word to me for months suddenly spilled forth a hurricane of verbage, and very personal details and topics at that. They opened up emotionally and trusted me rather easily. And they won't shut up. Might be great for law inforcement interrogations!


If were to describe it in simplistic terms, I'd call Androstanone SOE on steroids. I suspect it's more than that and I haven't used it long enough to comment on sexual implications or compatible mixes. However a mere two drops propelled me into the stratosphere so I haven't been inclined to try higher dosages.


Incidentally, Androstanone smells pretty funky and requires a cover. The scent is similar to NPA.




My take on androstanone after 5 days of use is it's similar to a large dose of androstenone chased down with a plently 'o alpha 'nol or SOE. Of course I was using 2-4 drops of reagent grade androstanone, so I imagine any future consumer level products will be watered down and premixed with "secret" ingredients or complementary 'mones.




Yesterday I visited a female friend (with benefits) and she was on the rag and rather depressed 'n bitchy. Normally I would have made a quick getaway but since I just tinkled myself with several drops of Androstanone, I thought I'd hang around and see what happens. Within a couple minutes she underwent a major mood transformation and became light hearted and talkative.


I suspect the Androstanone had something to do with her mood change as she normally stays mean 'n bitchy during her monthy punishment. Of course maybe it was my grinin' mug and sunny disposition that uplifted her.


After a couple weeks of testing I'm starting to see patterns. Androstanone seems to have some of the female mood elevation characteristics of A-1 but with the openness and chatter of SOE. However I always have to intiate and be friendly, otherwise zippo. Once I intiate, the floodgates seem to open wide. It may make a good team with androstenone products such NPA or TE. That's my next test stage--combos. Oddly Androstanone smells similar to androstenone so a cover is way recommended.

This seems effective in two areas.

1) My gf feels good and associates that feeling with me.

2) When she is having her period, she reports she feels a lot less physical discomfort when she is around me since I started using this. Whereas before there would be 2-3 days where she felt bad and was not interested in sex now she feels that way until we get together and then she feels better (within under 10 minutes) and has been interested.

I think this works. I think it reduces her pain when she is in pain and causes pleasurable physical feelings when she is not in pain.


I apply 1 drop to each wrist over the pulse points and rub my arms together.

Z powyższych wypowiedzi można wnioskować, że androstanon działa podobnie nie tylko do androstenonu i androstenolu, ale także do androstadienonu.


BTB to jedyny produkt zawierający AndrostAnon.

Niekoniecznie. Androstanon może być jednym z nieujawnionych składników wielu produktów feromonowych, których producenci wolą trzymać skład w tajemnicy.




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